Manutec is a broadbased manufacturing and distribution company based in Adelaide, South Australia.  The Manutec agricultural components division supplies specialised direct drill and zero till components to Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and OEMs. Manutec components can be used to convert or refurbish air seeders, drills, combines or disc planters. For OEMs Manutec can purpose build a product to your specification or provide one of our existing products as an original part for your machine. Manutec has a wide range of press wheels, coulters and discs to suit most machines and environments as either a new fit out or as replacements for existing systems.  Also available is a range of aftermarket equipment designed to replace and enhance existing press wheel, gauge wheel and discs on other manufacturers equipment.  Manutec also has the capability to rapidly design and prototype new equipment to suit environments where existing systems may not work.