About us

There have been many technological advances in broadacre farming over the last decade. Reduced tillage farming systems have been a key part of this change, however the adoption of these changes for many farmers has not been altogether smooth. The South Australian No-Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) is a non-profit farmer driven organisation that is led by a committee of volunteers. SANTFA has successfully promoted the benefits of no-till farming systems and conservation farming.

Our Vision

Our vision is that we will continue to grow in size and scale as an influential organisation that provides high quality, challenging information on no-till systems. We will build our project work, business structures and human resources into a dynamic and exciting organisation. We will remain farmer based, farmer driven and fiercely independent.

We will work to increase the area of no-till and to attract new supporters to conservation farming. We are committed to no-till systems and to pushing the limits on equipment design and system advances and we will conduct and coordinate independent research through a range of contractors. However, we recognise that we are part of a wider farming systems focus in many regions. In this context, we will seek to be a significant influence on research conducted by others and we will take care not to duplicate the activities of existing Farming Systems Groups.

We will provide education and information for growers being introduced to no-till as well as growers who require advanced support. In both cases, we will continue to focus on options that enable our members to meet the triple bottom line outcomes of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Our Values

As an organisation we value:

  • Challenge, excitement and motivation;
  • sharing information, experiences and innovations;
  • nurturing, protecting and improving our soil and other natural resources;
  • being independent and farmer driven;
  • continuous improvement through constant questioning;
  • being accessible to all farmers;
  • practical and profitable results.