SANTFAs Great Nitrogen Debate
Was held Tuesday 22nd March from 7:30 am to 9:30 am via Zoom, in the interim to our face to face conference.

The SANTFA team have pulled together three great minds who discussed the merits of Nitrogen in your system .

  • Dr James Hunt: “Do we need to build a N bank? Positive nitrogen balance is needed to maintain soil carbon.”
  • Peter Treloar: “Nitrogen response in Long term No Till. Does the rate of N application within a long term no till system have impact on yield?”
  • Professor Roger Armstrong: “Are strategies based on high rates of fertiliser N the most effective strategy to meet long-term crop demand?”

This discussion was facilitated by SANTFAs own R&D Manager Greg Butler.

Total time of the discussion including three presentation and the all important Q&A is 1hr55mins50secs