PART 1: Buy it or Make It?

This SA No-Till Farmers Association webinar explores the options available to farmers for making nitrogen fertiliser with renewable energy at regional scale. The Implications of Green Hydrogen for SA Grain Growers is a project delivered by the SA No-Till Farmers Association with support from the SA Grains Industry Trust.

Greg Butter SANTFA R&D chats with
ECMS Deputy Dean – Research, School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials –¬†Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, and

Nicholas Mumford has over 20 years of industry experience, largely with Santos, Shell, ElectraNet and Zonge Geophysics, spanning the oil & gas, electricity and resources sectors. Formal qualifications include an MBA and Bachelor of Science (Honours Geophysics).

Video length – 0:33:56 hours

PART 2: Brown Manure or Out of the Bag, Presented by Joel Williams from Integrated Soils.

Joel is an independent plant and soil health educator and a healthy soils advocate.

He provides lectures, workshops and consultation on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches of sustainable food production and educates farmers worldwide.

Joel studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in Australia specialising in plant and soil dynamics and has a particular interest in managing soil microbial ecology along with crop & soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity, soil function and soil carbon sequestration.

In this webinar Joel will cover:

  • Soil Carbon
  • Roots to build soil organic matter (SOM)
  • Root exudates
  • Microbial biomass/necromass
  • Soil Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen – build or burn SOM?
  • N fixation
  • Intercropping with Legumes
  • NUE
  • Organic N in the plant

Video length – 2:07:52 hours includes Q&A