SANTFA Alliances & Industry Partnerships


The Conservation Agriculture Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (CAAANZ) comprises the SA, WA and Victorian No-Till Farmers Associations, Conservation Farmers Incorporated, based in Queensland and Northern NSW, Central West Conservation Farmers Association, which represents farmers in Central NSW, and the New Zealand No-Tillage Association. More than 4000 conservation and no-till farmers across Australia and NZ belong to the groups that form this alliance.

CAAANZ was formed in 2005 to provide conservation farmers with a single voice on key soil conservation issues ranging from research to carbon sequestration, and to improve the flow of technical information across State and national boundaries.

The alliance works to improve sharing of information about the benefits and practicalities of conservation farming and encourage further adoption of conservation farming practices in Australia and NZ.

For more information –

Jean-Francois (John) Rochecouste, Chief Executive Officer Ph 61 (07) 4635 0824, Mb 0419 790747 Address PO Box 4866, Toowoomba East, Queensland Australia 4350 Email

CAAANZ Members

  • SANTFA—South Australian No-Till Farmers Association R&D Manager Greg Butler
  • WANTFA – Western Australian No-Tillage Farmers Association Executive Officer: David Minkey
  • VNTFA – Victorian No-Tillage Farmers Association Executive Officer: Kerry Grigg
  • CANFA – Conservation Agriculture and No-till Farmers Association Executive Officer: Neville Gould
  • CFI – Conservation Farmers Incorporated Executive Officer: Michael Burgis
  • NZNTFA – New Zealand No-Tillage Association contact John Baker

Other No-Till Groups & Links outside Australia

Ag Excellence Alliance

The Ag Excellence Alliance (Ag Ex) was established in 2005 the help increase the viability of South Australian farmers through providing leadership and effective linkages between grower groups and key stakeholders.

  • Ag Ex manages a range of projects that contribute to the sustainability of farm businesses across South Australia. Projects are supported by a diversity of funders and delivered in collaboration with grower groups.

Ag Ex exists to:

  • “support SA’s broadacre agriculture communities by leading innovation and practice change through grower groups, in collaboration with advisers, natural resources management (NRM) organisations, agribusiness, research and development organisations, Government and education institutions.”

Ag Ex aspires that through its work:

  • “SA’s broadacre farmers, through grower groups, have the resources, networks, knowledge and skills to assist in achieving sustainable, resilient and prosperous agricultural industries and communities”

For more information:

Chairperson: Trent Potter 0427 608 306

Executive Officer: Mark Stanley 0427 831 151

Administration Manager: Kerry Stockman 0418 841 331